World Chef Teaches Us About Managing Resources in Sustainable Way

April 19, 2016

Foodies rejoice! World Chef is the top Android and iOS app that lets you build and manage the restaurant. Who wouldn’t want the chance to become the best chef running the top restaurant in town? It’s a lot of work but for people who love food, this is a game that all mobile gamers have been calling for and finally available by Social Points in 2016.

World Chef game fully let you micromanage every mundane little details, from naming your restaurant to purchasing ingredients in the market, to coming up with the menu worthy of the World Chef status.

One of the welcoming aspect of World Chef is that the game is not all about time management. Many restaurant management games in the past like Cooking Dash or Restaurant Story focuses too much on time limitation. This can stress out the players and World Chef steps away from this awful gameplay mechanism. By giving full control of the restaurant with no time limits, players can finally relax and work on smaller details that makes the game all that much more enjoyable.

No longer having to rush to serve your customers. No longer having to run your finished food in time in fear of it going spoiled. Those worries are gone in World Chef. One easy way to speed things up is by using the gems to expedite certain processes in game. However, those gems and diamonds are much better served by make important upgrades like dashing new furniture or rare ingredients that you can make delicious dishes out of.

You can always buy more gems for gold but what do you do when you run out of gold in the game? Try the World Chef hack tool for 2016 that can be used for generating free gold and gems. This was a popular online application that was made famous due to many top level World Chef players using it to climb the leaderboard. However, the developers of the tool have gone off the radar so it is no longer being updated. Give it a try if you’d like, you got nothing to lose by using the tool.

Besides gold and gems, another resource that is often mismanaged by the players in game is ingredients. You have a maximum capacity of ingredients you can hold in your restaurant and it is wise to get organized about managing this valuable resource in game. In the end, the restaurant cannot be run without ingredients, could it?

5 Vehicles to Save the Earth in Crossy Road App

April 10, 2016

Vehicles typically appear on railways and roads. Bumping into them could cause the death of the mascot. Here are the commonly appearing vehicles in the game that can also all be unlocked when you download the Crossy Road hack apk.

1. Police Car
These vehicles only appear on roads. Seeing police cars is a rare experience in roads. These vehicles look like normal police cars. They are white and blue in color and they have police light bars flashing on their tops. Police Cars can cause death when hit. To avoid them, sprint with caution and wait until roads are empty before crossing.

2. Rocket Truck
This was included in the micro update. They appear on roads but seeing them is a rare event as well. They only appear on roads where there are trucks and they usually come in singles. These trucks explode whenever they make contact with the mascot.

3. Gas Truck
Gas Trucks appear on roads as well. However, seeing them is a rare event as well. They could also kill a mascot upon contact. These trucks look like the usual gas trucks. They are cyan in color at the front and at the back, there are shades of blue and black. They release gas clouds as they go and they have six wheels. Like the rocket truck, this vehicle explodes upon contact with the mascot.

4. Cars
They are the frequently seen obstacle in the game. They are usually seen on roads and sometimes, musical notes come out from them and music is also heard. A mascot being in contact with a car will cause immediate death.

5.  Race Car
These appear like the usual race cars. In the game, its color is red and it has a hood scoop. This is the raised part of the hood which gives way to engine air flow. This vehicle also has a gray spoiler, which is a bar at the back of the car which also contributes to air flow regulation. This vehicle has a white roof. You may notice that despite being a race car, the vehicle moves slowly.

Reward System Analyzed in Madden NFL Mobile

April 8, 2016

Madden NFL Mobile is now available in iOS and Android devices. It lets you play football anywhere you want. Play with friends in head-to-head actions. Collect your own NFL stars and organize your own NFL team. You could even play an entire season if you wish. So if you are a Madden NFL fan, this is the ultimate game for you. The game is also connected to the real NFL as live updates can be seen from the game. Even the players are kept up to date.

The game is pretty simple. By choosing your favorite franchise of NFL, form your own Madden NFL team. Put great NFL players in your roster as you collect, manage, and upgrade them. Indeed, this is football fantasy at its finest. Test your team by searching for rivals and even challenging your own friends. Play head-t-head with quick shootouts or play a full 16-game season. Work your way up to the Super Bowl. With an improved analog stick control system and a perfectly smooth gameplay, play your offense and defense well. Also, amp up the challenge by doing your best to obtain rewards as you work your way towards the different achievements. There are Madden Mobile hack requiring no computer that claims to work for generating coins that you can use to rack up some reward points. Do your best to conquer the daily challenges and earn rewards instantly throughout the entire season.

Madden NFL Mobile’s achievement system is mainly for rewarding players in different events in the game. The players may earn achievements during Seasons games, Live Events, or Head to Head. Even actions such as building an 80 OVR team rating or logging in to Facebook could mean achievements. Essentially, achievements could help a player earn extra trophies, coins, and other rewards.

To find achievements, just look for the Trophy icon in the main screen. You may find it near the Message icon, just in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Achievements have five categories namely General, Season, Head to Head, Leagues, and Friends. You may find here what still needs to be done to complete such achievements. Progress could be tracked as well as you can see in the bars. For each achievement, the reward for completing them may also be viewed. Keep in mind that there are multiple levels to some achievements. Like for example, Strong Arm achievement rewards a player with 250 coins for the first time the achievement is completed. And every time an 80-yard TD is thrown, more coins are gained.

During games, achievements may be completed and a player will know since a notification panel would appear at the bottom of the screen. Once games are finished, there’s a chance that other achievements are completed as well and in the My Game Rewards screen, the player would also see a notification.

For most achievements, packs of valuable items such as trophies or rewards of Coins are being given. Upon returning to the game, a player may still see the achievements and what rewards should be claimed in the main screen. Checking the Achievement categories can really help a lot to ensure that the player is in the right track towards the rewards he wants.

More and more people are downloading the app and experiencing NFL right at their fingertips. Check out Google Play or App Store so you could see and experience for yourself what everyone has been raving about.

Channel the Force in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

March 25, 2016

EA has amazed Star Wars fans by launching a new mobile game called Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes just a few days away from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens release. This surely was the best moment to launch a Star Wars related merchandise at the blockbuster proved that the film series is still as popular as ever.


As the title suggests, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, is a “Hero Summon” game where you battle with the large diversity of heroes from all spans of the Star Wars universe. Characters from all the 7 main movies, spinoffs, and even video games have been included in the game’s roster which attracted the attention of the force fans all over the world.

The game is a simple hero arena where you complete quests, face challenges, or even battle other heroes. Starting the game will actually give an explanation that the game is only a holotable game inside a cantina, whereas you are just a holotable player. Your party comprises of Data Cards that contain information on the character as well as their abilities.

Gameplay wise, the game isn’t really hard at all. It’s very straightforward in providing information on how to play the game using its in-depth tutorial system. Each hero has a turn meter with represents the time it takes for the hero to do an action and a turn order is displayed above the battle screen to see which hero is going next.

As soon as you dive into the game, you might realize that your starting party is not at all very strong (with the exception of the Jedi Consular, which is still used late game by skilled players). Do not worry about this, you can get more characters by doing hard mode quests and by purchasing in-app data packs. There are also free bronzium data packs every 10mins so be sure to pick it up every time.

Once you’ve reached a good player level, you unlock more modes like Galactic War, Challenge, Cantina, and Arena which offer different and unique playthroughs as compared to your regular storyline quests. These tables are where the real challenges begin. Each table has different rewards so you may want to try them out

Farming for gear is relatively easy at the regular story tables (Light and Dark), the Arena table is the only one that rewards “crystals”, while the Cantina and the Challenges table are where you farm your Ability Mats. The best table to reap the best rewards, however, is the Galactic War table, where you actually play most at late game.

Another thing worth mentioning is the Shipments feature. This is where you can use your shards and crystals to buy new heroes or buy parts to level them up; it’s like a black market in game where you can find all sorts of goodies. Hacking tools for shards and crystals are available for instant generation of in-app purchases.

Overall, the game is mostly like any other hero arena games out there, the only key difference would be the amount diversity the heroes have to offer. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available on both iTunes and Google Play for free, so go ahead, give it a try and tell us what you think.

Environmentally friendly packaging from Amazon

March 21, 2015

Did you know that Amazon doesn’t only help its customers by providing all the products they need in just a click? Amazon also helps the planet through its innovations one step at a time.


Amazon now ships their packages using corrugated containers. These containers are known to have at least 43% of recovered fiber. Meaning, these containers could be surely used again for other paper products. This also goes for larger products being shipped such as kitchen appliances, televisions, and household items. And did you know that those air-filled pillows that protect your shipment are also recyclable, not to mention non-toxic? If by chance a customer won’t be using the cushions anymore, all he or she has to do is to deflate it so they won’t take up much space when you throw them away.

Another ingenious online app is Amazon promo code generator by Smart-Web-Promotion, that bypasses the physical plastic for online code that can be safely redeemed on Amazon retailer.

Aside from using eco-friendly materials, Amazon has also started to make sure that the boxes they use for packaging would just be slightly larger than the product itself to ensure more efficient waste disposal and of course, to save more materials. Having the right-sized boxes not only reduced waste but also the number of packages they had to ship. In the long run, this means a reduction in transportation costs to which are known emitters of harmful gases.

Amazon also revolutionized the online shopping with the use of digital gift cards for Amazon was able to reduce plastic and paper usage by 45% by issuing the digital gift cards. read more

Top Green Development Areas in the US

May 31, 2014

Many areas within the U.S. have begun to implement green housing and green living techniques in order to build more sustainable environments for future generations. Although there are many areas that are contributing for the betterment of environment, the areas listed below deserve special mention due to their hard work and determination towards building a completely sustainable setting. read more

Is Veganism Better for the Environment?

March 29, 2014

One diet that is becoming popular is veganism. Veganism is a way of eating that eschews all animal products such as meat, dairy products, eggs, and even honey. Some people choose to become vegan for animal rights purposes. However, others choose to become vegan because they believe it is better for the planet in a myriad of ways.

vegan-diet read more

Florida’s Trials and Tributaries – A Look at Florida’s Environmental Issues

February 10, 2014

Florida is a gorgeous state, and when most people think about it what comes to mind is sunny beaches and Spring Break. However, the Sunshine State plays an important role in the sustainability of our planet through its diverse ecosystem.

Florida’s ecosystem has been drastically altered over the last five decades by urban development as the population has increased. This has negatively affected the health of the Florida ecosystem. Abiotic and biotic components of nature are needed to provide the means through which solar energy is transferred through the biosphere’s phosphorus cycling and other major nutrient cycling. read more